CipSoft GmbH is the company that developed and produced the game TibiaME.

Based in Regensburg, Germany, they began in 1995 as a group of university students who had the notion to write an online role playing game. The company was formally founded in June 2001 by Stephan Börzsönyi, Guido Lübke, Ulrich Schlott, and Stephan Vogler, when the students decided to run Tibia full-time after graduating from the university.

Before making TibiaME they made the game Tibia, both games have quite a lot of similarities.

Origin of the nameEdit

CipSoft Logo

Official logo

Initially, the creators of Tibia named their team "CIP Productions." When the company was founded, the name was changed to CipSoft.

According to the Markus Hof, in an interview to TibiaNews [1], the word CIP comes from the german acronym of "Computer Investitions Projekt". This is a project where universities invest in rooms with computers for their students, and the Tibia project was born in one of these rooms.

The CipSoft teamEdit

CipSoft Team

CipSoft's staff members

As at November 2006, the team consisted of 4 executive officers plus 23 full-time employees who work in 6 different departments:

  • Programmers: development of the client, the server software, the website, and tools for the development and management of the games
  • Content team: creation of game content (e.g. graphics, quests, game mechanics, story, NPCs' text, design of areas, etc.)
  • System administrators: looking after the game servers in the computer centres and responsibility for the maintenance of the office's infrastructure
  • Customer support: supporting the players via email, website boards and also in-game
  • Marketing: identifying the wishes of the players for game features, managing the public relations of the company, advertising and distribution
  • Organization: doing all the administrative tasks, and checking if everything is going fine


CipSoft's official site says that its "vision is to develop and to publish innovative products that are based on new technologies", and that they "do not necessarily confine ourselves to computer games, but the focus of our expertise is clearly on the fields of IT, software development, Internet, entertainment, computer games and community management" [2].

Its first product was the game Tibia, which was one of the first graphical online role-playing games; it was initially developed as a hobby, and later it became a commercial game. The second product was Tibia Micro Edition (TibiaME), the very first MMORPG for mobile phones.

According to a TibiaNews interview of the executive officers ([3]), CipSoft is currently working on the development of a third game (that has nothing to do with Tibia), for which they hired a 3-d artist. Even though further details were not revealed until now, it was said that, if everything goes as planned, more information on the project will be released in the months to come.

Company's DataEdit

The following table shows the evolution of the turnover and number of employees of CipSoft, since it was founded until the end of 2007:

Year Turnover
Number of Employees (end of year)
2001 27,595 4
2002 151,049 4
2003 815,908 7
2004 2,763,784 16
2005 4,047,663 22
2006 4,778,761 27
2007 6,266,947 36

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