Hit Points - 386

Exp Points - 76

Abilities - Hit , Warcry Skill

Est. Damage - Hit0-?

Weak to - Energy

Behavior -

Field Notes -

Location - Aurea Orc Village,maybe other places too (more info needed)

Strategy -

Mages - should've be lvl 14+, running and using a energy based spell (like Britzel or Bruzzel). If you have good defensive equipment,running is not necessary,just stand and attack

Knights - a group of 2+ knights can hunt they easilly around lvl 14,but you may take some nasty hits,so bring a few healing potions. To solo they easy,lvl 17+ with a good energy weapon + a good defense equipment is recommended

Loot - Freezer Rune, Frostbringer, Power Ring.